Area Code 913

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Area code: 913
State: Kansas
Country: USA
Francisco Mazo
28, Aug. 2021

Does anyone actually pay attention to the Don Not Call list anymore?

22, Jul. 2021

They call us once or twice every day. We have ask them not to call but they just keep up the unwanted calls.

19, Jul. 2021

How can they sell drugs by phone?

14, Jul. 2021

Caller ID says unknown name but when I ask who is calling they say Microsoft.

2, Jul. 2021

Some strange Indian man called me from this number asking for a John Marshall. I assumed he couldn't read my actual name which is fairly close to John Marshall as his English was awful. I immediately said "You got the wrong number buddy" and he then went off on some tangent about how I should call him sir as he called himself my "advising officer". At one point he said that he was my "high school biology teacher" and that I needed to call him sir (mind that I'm not in high school anymore and even then my Bio teacher was a woman, so I proceeded to call him Mrs. Skrodenis for the rest of the call). Then we went back and forth as I find it funny to mess with scammers, which seemed to be what he was doing. Eventually he gave up on the act and just asked if he could learn from me (he struggled with the word learn and tried to use the Indian term for it). I proceeded to tell him God didn't exist in order to get him to go off on another tangent. He asked if I'm an "Atheist" in probably the worst pronunciation I've ever heard, so I proceeded to explain to him that I wasn't an Ethicist and what it was (it was hilarious because he kept pretending to understand). In the end he immediately got tired of it and said "Goodbye, we'll talk tomorrow" and just hung up. I literally can't wait for him to call back so I can answer "Hello is this John Marshall" then go off on why he should call me sir.

2, Jul. 2021

Automated call saying I had won a Bahama vacation.

29, Jun. 2021

will not stop calling!

25, Jun. 2021

I have asked several times to be removed from whatever database they find my number but to no avail...

17, Jun. 2021

Ask them every time to stop calling but they call weekly.

10, Jun. 2021

I get 2 or 3 calls a day sometimes from them with different numbers.

6, Jun. 2021

The recorded message tries to trick you into thinking they're not a recorded message but they continue to just keep talking.

Sylvia Mease
6, Jun. 2021

The woman caller sounded like she is Viatnamese and doesn't speak English very fluently.

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