Area Code 813

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Area code: 813
State: Florida
Country: USA
12, Apr. 2021

This is the second complaint I have turned in on this company. When I called the number I was told that it is not a working number. Apparently that is only half true as it surely works when they call me.

Lorena Robbins
11, Apr. 2021

These people are never there when the call is answered. They wake us up, call late at night and are only interested in harassment. This company should be fined. I have complained to you numerous times in the past, yet, they continue to harass. Why can't the federal government stop this? Do I have to call the police? Do I have to hire a lawyer and sue them myself? Can't you stop them?

26, Mar. 2021

This was a text message sent to both our cell phones in which we are charged for texting as we don't have texting on our phones. Sent to both of our phones, believed to be computerized dialing.

11, Mar. 2021

I don't answer these calls. My machine "records" the phone number and "name" of company. I received a call yesterday from "Cell Phone CA" as well. (I reported it, too)

8, Mar. 2021

the company keeps calling with a Robo call, but when I hit a key to get a live operator I asked for the name the company and they immediately hung up.

Peoria AZ
2, Mar. 2021

They call frequently and always ask for a foreign name individual. I've repeatedly requested that they remove my number but the calls persist.

Jessie Lucas
27, Dec. 2020

They call 4 times a week,its getting old..please stop them!

27, Dec. 2020

I have asked several of these places to remove me from there list but I just get called by someone else.

27, Dec. 2020

These people call over and over without end.

27, Dec. 2020

The person claimed that I have a computer problem.

Tonya W
27, Dec. 2020

They call for the last couple of weeks. It's always a message saying to hold the line for a representative.

12, Dec. 2020

I have not even visited their website in the past 5yrs.

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