Area Code 802

Additional information:

Area code: 802
State: Vermont
Country: USA
10, Dec. 2021

I send the call to voicemail and receive silent voicemails.

17, Nov. 2021

Recorded message that the IRS was going to file suite aganist me. I need to call this #,,,,,,,,

7, Aug. 2021

I have very politely asked to be removed, and am ALWAYS met with rudeness or they simply hang up on me.

Kelly Brewer
6, Aug. 2021

When we answer they either hang up OR when the answering machine picks up there is a very loud fog horn sound. I have no idea who they are. It has been happening for a few days now.

Scam Flusher
19, Jul. 2021

Caller Stated that they were with publisher's clearing house and that I had won 2.5M and a Mercedes Benz, but that I would have to send $5,000 for freight.

16, Mar. 2021

These people call several times a day. Half the time they hang up on me. It's completely harassing.

22, Dec. 2020

This call came in first listed as a Columbus, OH call, I answered then they hung up.

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