Area Code 740

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Area code: 740
State: Ohio
Country: USA
2, Sep. 2021

Received a pre recorded message on my cell phone wanting me to purchase a home alarm system.

27, Aug. 2021

The young men sound Indian and are very persuasive.

8, Jul. 2021

I have gotten multiple calls from this type of scam with the exact same ploy. I have filled out some kind of (imaginary) request for a Wal-Mart Certificate for $50. I tell the caller immediately that I filled out no such request and to take me off their call list. At this point the phone line goes dead. Whoever is doing this changes their number. They must figure once you stop answering their known scam number, they just switch to a new one. Next call I get about this scam I will ask the name of whoever is calling and their company first. Who wants to bet that they hang up the instant I ask that?

Some guy
14, Jun. 2021

Several calls from this number were made to my cell phone.

10, Apr. 2021

I added my phone number to the do not call registry in 2011.

3, Apr. 2021

I was called 3 times before 8 AM and then again the following day at 5:47AM.

Grace Jacobs
8, Mar. 2021

Stated we were having computer issues - which we are not.

15, Jan. 2021

This appears to be a clear violation of a number of laws, including 16 C.F.R.

Tina Y
11, Jan. 2021

These people have to be stopped!! I am beginning to lose confidence in your service. I have received similar calls multiple times on both my mobile and home phones, both of which are registered. This time it was on my mobile phone. When I ask them to take me off their call list or I would report them, the person responded with threats and very profane language.

29, Nov. 2020

Yellow pages adv. for business. This is a residence. No way to stop calls

26, Nov. 2020

I received another call today 11/14/11 and pressed 2 to speak with someone and ask them to remove me from the list, to which I was hung up on.

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