Area Code 734

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Area code: 734
State: Michigan
Country: USA
14, Aug. 2021

It is a recorded msg, when I try to get to someone to tell them to quit calling me, I am on the do not call registry, they hang up on me.

Big Dick Joe
2, Aug. 2021

This person sounds like they are from India. They said "hello, I am from Windows COmputers. We are calling you because we are receiving error messages from your computer for the last three or four days. Is your computer on right now?" I said, "who are you with?" He said, "Is your computer on right now" I kept saying, "who are you with?" HE HUNG UP ON ME. New twist on Scamming and trying to gain access to your computer. BEWARE! WOW. These people are really getting crafty.

10, Jul. 2021

This place constantly calls me. I have asked them to stop and take me off their lists. They do not. They hang up on me. They refuse to listen and argue with me. This place calls me several times each and every week for months. DO SOMETHING!

Belle Scarlet
2, Jul. 2021

having a fair few calls from these people. I told them I dont use a windows operating system and they didnt understand that at all.

Tommy Martinez
25, Jun. 2021

I do try to if it is a person.

25, Jun. 2021

Can someone please investigate and penalize these people for ignoring the Do Not Call Registry which I have been on for years!

Marianne Baker
2, Jun. 2021

They call me everyday! I have told the caller to stop calling me, but she has various excuses including I must have inquired about their services.

29, May. 2021

This number proceeds to call me everyday. At first it was in the morning and now they call in the afternoon, too.

Small business
18, May. 2021

They had called 8 times in the past month.

14, May. 2021

This number came up at 1.06pm, did not take the call as was just finishing lunch. Checked 1471 and claims to be BT who tried to call me and will try again. WTF ---- they can whistle, as I am not dealing with anyone who claims to be from BT, and I will give them a rollicking soon for sending me a bill for 2018 which advises that they are putting up the prices by £2.50 for the next 3 months then from March I am to be paying nearly £47 a month for my improved broadband and line rental.

8, May. 2021

Unable to reply to recording and phone number is busy when I try to call back.

26, Mar. 2021

no one on line when call was answered or would have asked them to stop calling and take my name off of whatever list they have.

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