Area Code 617

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Area code: 617
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
Annoyed person
1, Sep. 2021

why are u calling me? please leave message

Mary Stuart
28, Jul. 2021

These people call over and over again. Please send them a letter or whatever you have to do to get them to stop! Thanks for your help.

Robyn Vallo
15, Jun. 2021

Usually 2 or 3 times a day.

4, Jun. 2021

Hard to understand caller with a heavy accent

Steven Tory
4, May. 2021

Wanted me to press 1 to speak to someone, press 3 to have them stop calling. A message was left on my machine, but they have called numerous times before and I have pressed 3 to have them remove me from their list.

22, Apr. 2021

We have been hit by the company's calls for months now. It is the same recorded message--different voice. The phone rings once or twice then hangs up. I have asked to be taken off the list, I've clicked on the number three in order not to receive these calls. It's very frustrating getting this type of interruption day after day, week after week, month after month.

17, Apr. 2021

These people call all days and times and will not stop calling me. Could I file a lawsuit?

Edgar Ramirez
13, Apr. 2021

I plan to report each and every harassing call.

7, Apr. 2021

Also on my caller ID it said Apalachin NY.

6, Apr. 2021

Claimed that my Windows certificate was out of date and that I allowed them to connect to correct the fault. When I refused they eventually threatened to close down my PC!! Quite clever with a series of "proofs" that they were from Microsoft. Kept them busy for nearly an hour before I cut them off

Helio Alvear
9, Mar. 2021

they call every day, never leave messages, they call from many different number, very annoying!

MD badhon
28, Feb. 2021

Pressing any _remove_ number does not stop the calls.

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