Area Code 608

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Area code: 608
State: Wisconsin
Country: USA
27, Aug. 2021

The calls keep coming from this number and once we picked up but no answer.

18, Aug. 2021

When I push 1 to talk and ask them to stop calling they just hang up.

Javier Sanchez
12, Aug. 2021

Officer John Knight from IRS called saying I owed on back taxes and Federal Investigation of fraudulent activities are filed against me.. I live in another state and this is a scam..

10, Aug. 2021

This number called me today too. I am going to fimd them and file phome harrassment charges if I can. But when I called it back it said the number was disconnected.... Fishy

1, Jul. 2021

back at it ,must have been in hospital with lip problems!8885650201

16, Jun. 2021

I have had a few other calls from this number.

2, Apr. 2021

The FBI reports a breaking every..."

prefer not to
29, Mar. 2021

I also received a card in the mail with the same information but didn't make the call. I found it most curious that a firm such as Jones, Taylor & Thompson would be located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic where they don't normally speak English. I arrived at this site by putting the phone number in my computer and doing a search on it. I have received similar mail over the last two weeks from different parts of the world saying I was eligible for money prizes of over one million Can $. All they asked for was a "small" payment of $10 to be sent in any form to a specific address. It is illegal to send any money in U.S. or Canadian mail services. Even charity organizations put that in any mail communications they may send you when asking for donations. Definitely a scam!

Cindy Darby
11, Feb. 2021

They have called my cell phone at least 5 times in the past month

Floyd Vallo
10, Feb. 2021

Message - IRS is bringing a lawsuit against you.

Stop It!
31, Dec. 2020

This number called and hung up when my answering machine picked up. I looked the number up online and see it is a telemarketing company.

Fed Up
24, Dec. 2020

They are trying to collect a debt that is not connected to us.

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