Area Code 603

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Area code: 603
State: New Hampshire
Country: USA
12, Oct. 2021

Had a call from 201-512-9854. Same call that I have been getting from other numbers, but they all say the same. An Asian speaking man states that he is from some medical company and wants to personal medical history. I have told them in the past that this is none of their business and to never call me again, only to have them call me once again, sometimes within minutes. I have called the number back asking for a supervisor and told the "supervisor" not to call me again, but they continue. I am on a DO NOT CALL list, yet this unsolicited call keeps coming. I have added them to lists like this, but they continue. I have started telling this company that they have the wrong number, which seemed to start working, but husband answered my phone while I was in the bathroom and brought it to me, which only encouraged them once again. I am trying to find out how to block calls. STOP CALLING ME!

21, Jul. 2021

I have no business or other relationship with any such organization.

12, Jul. 2021

When I try to talk to someone about discontinuing calls they hang up.

29, Jun. 2021

This person calls me at least once or twice a week from different numbers i have filed several complaints already.

21, May. 2021

These Cock Suckers keep calling me then hanging up. It never stops!!!! Does the "Do Not Call" list do anything?

Frank M
17, May. 2021

The recording never tells you who the company represents.

anonymous too
19, Apr. 2021

You probably didnt give him a free bird to sell lol

Eugene Jenkins
13, Mar. 2021

They call allday 3-5 times I keep asking them to stop calling but they call more.

23, Feb. 2021

Please do what you can to stop this nonsense.

Minnie t
1, Feb. 2021

I have asked this stock company to stop calling me multiple times but they still call almost every day.

30, Dec. 2020

This is the fourth time I have received a call from this company. If you press any button to contact them it hangs up. If you call back it says to press 1 to be taken of the call list but all it does is thank you and hang up. I still receive calls. This company calls with at least two different numbers one my phone provider has blocked.

Daniel Yunes
24, Dec. 2020

I am angry because my elderly father also received this message (or one very similar to it) and was very distressed because of false accusations of tax fraud, according to the caller.

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