Area Code 585

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Area code: 585
State: New York
Country: USA
Guess Who
17, Jan. 2022

and they do not leave messages.

Samuel V.
14, Jan. 2022

I have never done business with this co.

8, Jan. 2022

and i could not speak with anyone because it was a recorder message.

do not reply
29, Dec. 2021

The company that is harassing you is The Unlimited who are trying to sell the Double deal to you, you can contact them on 0861 99 00 00 to ask them to please stop calling but be awear they need your ID number to take you off af their database as it is linked to your cell number "WTF" what are they doing with your ID number in the first place, I am waiting for a manager to contact me to explain.

22, Dec. 2021

This number called several times yesterday and hung up on us and have called numerous times in the last few weeks. They have been told 2 different times to not call any more.

17, Dec. 2021

This number 0935557497 was prepaid card sold in Vietnam and the secret code was sent to this phone number. After getting the secret code, he/she hack in my email & Facebook account to take over all my permission & changed all settings. After he logged in my facebook,sent messages to all my friends & told them to buy prepaid cards. He tried to rip off people over the internet to sell mobile phone or prepaid phone. Anyway, this person stole all IDs to hack in email & facebook accounts. The reason I knew because I was a victim. I got an email from Microsoft told me that someone in Vietnam with unusual sign-in activity to your account. I knew right away I was hacked because I live in US and didn't do anything with Vietnam. I researched all this information and hope someone can stop them to rip people off over the internet. Bellow is all information after searching this person: His email: His IP address: IP address: The website sells sim cards for this person:

Irving Francis
5, Dec. 2021

They are starting to call here at least once every day.

TS Rachel
30, Nov. 2021

I guess I was wrong to call them back, it confirmed them that my phone number is active. And now I get tons of telemarketers and robocalls.

26, Nov. 2021

I think this is an auto dialer looking for active phone numbers to sell to other phone spammers

Janet Judge
24, Nov. 2021

Continous Robo calls

23, Nov. 2021

This number calls, does not answer, does not leave a message. uses several different numbers.

23, Nov. 2021

Both myself and my husband received calls from them today. I did not answer as I didn't recognize the number. He called them back and that is the recording he heard. Both calls came on our cell phones. We are already on the the do not call listing for our cell phones.

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