Area Code 540

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Area code: 540
State: Virginia
Country: USA
C Bart
20, Oct. 2021

From Telephone 121-378-9879 is calling New Jersey Residents and asking personal info including social security, address and date of birth. This scammer appears to be from India with heavy accent. If anyone receives this number, notify FBI to take action. Senders name or name of company is not appearing on my display unit. It says unavailable. These crooks should be arrested. Beware of this scammers and hackers.

Vancouver, WA
9, Oct. 2021

Called at 10.30am on 20th October 2017. Sounded like an office, but nobody said anything. Then they put the phone down.

1, Oct. 2021

I have had several of these calls and I'm not aware of being delinquent on any bills. I tried calling 866-608-7665 but it sounds like a fax number.

24, Sep. 2021

i cant get these pieces of shit to stay on the line for more that 5 seconds. I try to scam them back and they hang up every time.

22, Sep. 2021

This is a total SCAM. This has become a very popular scam to fraud people out of money. The criminal calls you pretending they are a dept collector and that there is some bad check or payday loan you forgot to pay off and then they threaten you with criminal proceedings. Even if you had a legit dept (which you don’t) there are no criminal charges for a pay day loan that is not paid off... all states in the US consider it a loan... not a bad check. The worst they could do IF IT WAS LEGIT is file a case in civil court to get a judgment saying that you owe them money. And that is all it would be... a piece of paper from the court saying you owe money. In addition, their dept collection practices are highly illegal but they don’t care because they are criminals. They want to scare you so you will, out of panic, give them your credit card number. Please do not give them any personal information, especially your checking or credit card info because they will wipe your accounts out before you know what hit you. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!! Do not engage in conversation with them because they will only try to intimidate and scare you. Consider them criminals and ignore them. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim.

25, Aug. 2021

Same as all others with exact same wording

7, Aug. 2021

I keep getting unsolicited calls from this number on my personal cell phone.

13, Jul. 2021

Very rude caller. I asked him politely repeatedly to take us off their calling list, and he kept on asking "do you know why I am calling?" without acknowledging my request. Appeared to be a call from overseas maybe calling center.

9, Jul. 2021

I received a called notifying me that two summons has been filed against me.

28, Jun. 2021

Prerecorded message was regarding furnace and duct cleaning.

21, Jun. 2021

National Do Not Call Registry,Y,(b)(6),(b)(6),(b)(6),Portland,OR,Oregon,(b)(6),(b)(6),(b)(6),Did not say .

11, Jun. 2021

Call back number but no messages allowed

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