Area Code 540

Additional information:

Area code: 540
State: Virginia
Country: USA
8, Mar. 2021

Please penalize this company to the fullest degree.

21, Feb. 2021

Jeish this person is mentally insane! Please get her to a mental hospital and quick! She is stating she is the Kardashian’s mom (kris Jenner is) and she was married to the late president John f. Kennedy umm to our knowledge not! Beautiful Jackie O was his wife not this insane fat slob! Why is she sending me nude pics from her phone?! She’s fat and hairy and old!!! Nice to send a gay guy nude pics! Please make her stop!!!

ticked off
7, Feb. 2021

When I answer, the caller hangs up.

31, Jan. 2021

Kept telling me my computer had problems and wanted me to hit the windows key + C. I refused to type in anything in the box. He sounds foreign and kept interrupting me all the time and calling me "Mam". He says he will ring next week! I dialled 1471 and it says the number is not in service!!!

24, Jan. 2021

I have recieved this call several times but not this early in the morning.

23, Jan. 2021

I get probably a call a day from different numbers all telling me it's urgent for me to refinance my credit debt.

5, Jan. 2021

We kept hanging up and they called about 6 or 7 times every 15 or 20 minutes, interupting our dinner a number of times.

Mike S
2, Dec. 2020

They phoned 3 times this morning - I answered the 3rd call and told them not to call again.

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