Area Code 518

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Area code: 518
State: New York
Country: USA
26, Nov. 2021

The call is a recorded message and try calling back get no answer.can not get a person to tell them not to call.

Janet Williams
19, Nov. 2021

This is the 4th call I have received from this # in the past week to my cell phone.

TS Vanity
30, Oct. 2021

I already have it with another company.

22, Oct. 2021

"Adam" told me that if I rang this number they would vouch for him as representing a genuine company, and that it was toll-free. He tried the trick of staying on the line after I had disconnected. 1471 revealed his number as 00548631452. These people must have some successes or they wouldn't be so persistent, but it's surprising that anyone still falls for it.

29, Sep. 2021

I received a call from a woman who said I qualify for R1500 cash back from National Accident. I was wary that it might be a scam and asked where she got my cell phone number. She replied they have their database. Then I asked what is my address that she has and it turned out it is my previous address from where I moved 3 years ago. I asked her phone number to call back, but I haven't yet called back because I am not sure if it's a scam and wanted to check on the internet.

25, Sep. 2021

lady called in confirming employment and then when i gave her my landline number she never called back...

5, Sep. 2021

I too, got a call from this no....

john niemela
3, Sep. 2021

left no message on answering system.

27, Aug. 2021

Why is Best Buy phoning me? I can't figure out why.

N Huber
19, Aug. 2021

No need to call mejust wanted you to be aware.

attila horvath
7, Aug. 2021

It told me to press another button to opt out, but I preferred to hang up.

The Dude
2, Aug. 2021

Sometimes they call from other numbers, too.

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