Area Code 513

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Area code: 513
State: Ohio
Country: USA
15, Dec. 2021

Received recorded voicemail.Threatening IRS scam about owing money, I do not.

9, Dec. 2021

Robo call offered a free vacation to Orlando Florida. Press 1 to speak to an agent. Press 2 to be removed from their list

29, Nov. 2021

When I tried to answer no one was there.

Loretta Drake
13, Nov. 2021

I asked this person to take us off their call list.

10, Nov. 2021

They call several times a day. Let answering system answer and they do not talk. I answered once and told them I am on the DO NOT CALL List and to remove me from their list. Is there really a DO NOT CALL LIST?? If so why don't you stop these calls????????????

25, Oct. 2021

Even though I kept opting out and had the land line on the DNC list, I kept getting calls.

Joe O.
20, Oct. 2021

Caller ID showed "Out of Area". No voice mail message was left.

13, Oct. 2021

said he was from make a wish foundation and hugh jackman was their ambassador to help kids make their dreams come true.

Roberta Kirk
12, Oct. 2021

unsolicited call i suspect it is the dnc seeking more money to re-elect a jerk

6, Sep. 2021

You wrote, "There has to be a LAW that protects me!!" There is. It's called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and it gives you a minimum of $500 per call and at least twice that if you sue these scammers in court. Depending on your state, you can often sue them in small-claims court, which makes it easy. You just go before the judge, show the judge screenshots of your illegal calls, play any recordings of those, cite the law the scammer broke, and the judge will usually give you a judgment against the scammer. It's not too hard, but it requires you to keep good records of the illegal calls you got--especially screenshots the show the date and times you got the calls, which any smart phone will let you create. I know people who make $100,000/year suing telemarketers like this! Just starting out at suing telemarketers, you can easily make $20,000/year. I know, because I did. I highly encourage you to sue because it's the only way we'll stop these perps from destroying our privacy. The federal government (FTC and FCC) ought to do more about this, but they only sue the worst of the worst of the phone scammers. A good resource to learn more about the TCPA is here: Happy hunting!

Naomi Wade
31, Aug. 2021

There is nothing wrong, and they would like to lower my interest rate.

Tina Powers
8, Aug. 2021

Want to know the location of this number

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