Area Code 510

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Area code: 510
State: California
Country: USA
13, Dec. 2021

I received a call from this number at 7:35 pm with no ID showing. It rang once (like my nomorobo knew it was spam). I received another call from this number at 7:50 pm. This time "SSI" showed up on caller ID. Again it rang only once, thanks to nomorobo. If it is important and they know who I am, they can send me a letter. Meanwhile, I'll just let my nomorobo answer and not worry about it

Michael Cerena
30, Nov. 2021

The one from this number has been coming every day in the morning and evening.

24, Nov. 2021

Went to my v-mail. It's recorded someone saying "hello" 3 times and hung up. Seems a scammer. Number blocked.

Shawn Busch
23, Nov. 2021

I have asked them to remove me from their list, told them I wasn't interested in their services and also that I was registered on the Do Not Call list.

Eagle eye
23, Nov. 2021

Probably someone looking for a Heather Bates that use to have my phone# - over 15 years ago. Didn't pay her student loans or something like that and they keep calling me. Oh well.....

2, Nov. 2021

this number calls everyday and there is no way to get a person on the line to tell them to stop. it has been going on for MONTHS!

1, Nov. 2021

No matter how often you tell any of these people not to call again, they still do.

31, Oct. 2021

It's men and women that call. I have told two of them very sternly that i don't want any more calls from this number. And to take my number off of their list. Sometimes they will call off and on all day. Sometimes til 9:00pm. I called the number back one day and got an answering machine. It said to leave a message. There wasn't any company name given. I'm sick of it. And there's no way i can block it either.

28, Oct. 2021

Called my cell phone twice. Showed missed call - no message.

Carmen. Yoon
18, Oct. 2021

After about half a minute of waiting, I get busy signal.

17, Oct. 2021

This is second or third time they have called they hang up on third ring.

15, Oct. 2021

We always press the number they advise to be removed from the calls, but we have not be removed.

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