Area Code 506

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Area code: 506
State: New Brunswick
Country: Canada
9, Oct. 2021

This is the second time today they have called. I spoke to an individual and asked him who to stop these calls. I told him not to hang up and he did. Please, please have this stopped. This has been going on for months. What can I do? Please let me know.Thanks.

Pablo Vizcarra
4, Sep. 2021

Received a text saying they were chase bank and my account was frozen. I called the number and they wanted my credit card number. I hung up and called chase bank who said it was a scam

28, Jun. 2021

Answered call this afternoon (June 28th) in Southern NB and lady named Courtney rambled on about some Canadian Assoc for Young Blind Children. At first thought it was a recording, but clarified it was a person, then she rambled off a script. When I stopped her again and asked if she was looking for a donation, and she said Yes, I politely told here we were not interested. She asked if she could ask me one more thing, but then went on rambling (reading her script), so I just hung up.... Don't think this is a Valid Organization as she was too quick in rambling off the name and would not take time to talk to allow questions... So be careful and don't give away Credit Card Number (but research this company first and then make donation later, if it is valid).; Cheers

11, May. 2021

These robo calls are now rampant. I'm certain you receive countless complaints about this as well other such callers. It's a DAILY annoyance by these people. I have caller ID and simply do not answer. But if not home, the answering machine fills up with the loud "if you'd like to make a call/ then clanging' as they do not disconnect on their own. PLEASE HELP.

5, Dec. 2020

Much was unintelligible and her comments made no sense.

28, Nov. 2020

I received a missed call from this number and when I called it back it said the number does not exist - weird!!

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