Area Code 423

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Area code: 423
State: Tennessee
Country: USA
14, Sep. 2021

I ask them several time not to call, that this was a don not call number.

5, Sep. 2021

I have asked them to take my number off of their calling list also, but to no avail, they keep calling me....harassment indeed!

Ron Holmes
4, Sep. 2021

Any words were not clear enough to make out.

kathy kleikamp
22, Aug. 2021

They are not a charity and pretend to need money so a PAID fireman can go to a special dinner.

Ox73 34
18, Jul. 2021

Says he will continue to do so and no one can stop him!

James P. McRae
14, Jul. 2021

They wanted me to get on my computer so they could "walk" me through removing unwanted software. Probably a way to install a virus. How unnerving!

8, Jul. 2021

This call came in at 3:40 a.m. Since it was a recorded call, I could not say, "Put me on your do not call list." It gave the options of pressing 1 to learn more or pressing 8 to be removed from their list. Pressing any number is not something I would do without knowing why or the outcome, so I stayed on the line until they cut off. Then I wrote down the time and phone number. What kind of jerks make phone calls at 3:40 a.m.?

8, Jun. 2021

this number calls several times a week. if not answered, it leaves a voice mail.

7, May. 2021

Please make them go away, thank you.

30, Apr. 2021

These people state they can tell your computer has a virus from a remote location and when asked to be removed, you get profanity thrown at you.

14, Apr. 2021

I googled this number and found many people have received calls from them - it seems that they intend to scam the callees.

22, Mar. 2021

Thought the do not call list was to protect me from harassing phone calls, but it doesn't. Got calls from this phone number numerous times.

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