Area Code 408

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Area code: 408
State: California
Country: USA
9, Sep. 2021

Just had a call from these bastards. When I answered they hung up. Called the number back and got short message in some accent. I'm seriously considering removing my landline. I've had numerous calls like this. What do they want? Are they just checking, to see if the property is occupied?

H. Turner
3, Sep. 2021

This was a text message for someone I don't know. I cannot afford to pay for these text messages. Apparently, someone gave out my number, they should pay my phone bill.

26, Aug. 2021

This does not appear to be a valid area code, so I think it's a spoofed number. The rather long recording consisted of female voices in the background and heavy breathing directly into the phone. Very disturbing.

D from Seattle
13, Aug. 2021

Please stop these people from their non-stop harassment! I received two calls today, 28 minutes apart from each other. On a freaking Saturday morning too! I couldn't answer but when I called the number it disconnected before even ringing! They've called 4 times in 2 days! This is bullshit!

13, Aug. 2021

getting 2-3 800 calls per day and they never leave a message on the machine

John F
10, Aug. 2021

During this last incident the person on the other end hung up as I answered the call.

7, Aug. 2021

Credit card interest rate reduction offer

Hugh Anderson
31, Jul. 2021

We get this robo-call at least once a week, sometimes more.

30, Jul. 2021

my phone has their infomation memorized

J Schiebe
23, Jul. 2021

There were 3 calls to our number. No message left at any times.

20, Jun. 2021

We have had more un-wanted calls since being on the DO NOT CALL LIST. Most go to the answering machine which they leave no message. We are very tired of getting these unwanted calls so please do something about it. Thank you.

19, Jun. 2021

The call was a recording trying to get me to buy home security, with instructions to press a number to connect to thier operator

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