Area Code 402

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Area code: 402
State: Nebraska
Country: USA
18, Sep. 2021

Thes calls are from a company. They ask for my name and when I ask them to put me on their "Do not call list" they reply, "No, we are going to keep calling..

27, Aug. 2021

I just received a the same call. When I went last year - sceptical as ever but human nature begged for the freebie holiday, so I went. Everything was above board. Didn't pay in anything and ended up joining the Go Touch Down Group (affiliated with RCI). This time I am sceptical again but wanted to call the lady back. How do we get in touch with them if the phone just rings?

anonymous 2
23, Aug. 2021

My friends make fun of me for continuing to file complaints.

20, Aug. 2021

Gave me my personal grant ID number. Are they really from the government?

19, Aug. 2021

called then hung up. I called back said number no longer in service

12, Aug. 2021

Caller wanted access to my PC.

7, Jun. 2021

When I threatened to report them they hung up (after they left the message and I called them back).

Gloria H
14, Apr. 2021

They say Im having trouble with my computer and they are from microsoft I am not sounds like a boiler room background and always with strong accented caller

Elana S.
10, Mar. 2021

same old poop, i asked nicely to not call me and send me all communication VIA post, but they don't seem to care what I tell them

Bill Johnson
8, Mar. 2021

I asked them to remove my number from their data base.

Bill Johnson
11, Feb. 2021

When I answer they refuse to talk to me only my husband.

2, Feb. 2021

Today was this number and called 2x so far.

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