Area Code 318

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Area code: 318
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
27, Aug. 2021

This Phone Number Is Apple Tech Support In Cork City. If You Have A Problem With Any Apple Product !!

12, Jul. 2021

we get calls from this number almost every day, we have repeatedly tried to get them to stop calling us.

23, Jun. 2021

We received 2 calls from this number. They did not talk and did not stay on line.

Tim in Oshawa
19, Jun. 2021

14 calls in three days hanging up at voice mail

17, Jun. 2021

He has proof that he made $82,000 in September and $100,00 in October, and I can make thousands in my first few weeks, all from cold sales.

Carlos Danger
15, Jun. 2021

I believe this is a betting site. I don't bet. They are spamming my number.

6, Jun. 2021

call from TalkTalk saying there was suspicious activity on my phone line; (I am on BT and have been for over a year) this is not the first call of this type

11, May. 2021


24, Apr. 2021

A women from India called my phone from a phone center. Lots of noise in the back ground. Called my cell phone and asked if I was on my PC. She said she was from window support and I needed to push the windows square on my PC. I hung up and she called back. I told her I would take my pc in to a service shop and she said they would just call her. She insisted I find the window key and push it. I told her I would report the call to the local authorities and that she should not call me back.

Jeph O
23, Apr. 2021

Getting multiple calls stating "We are contacting you to inform you of legal matters involving the IRS". number was called back at one point and time and the number rang a fast busy signal then the message you have reached this call in error. There are multiple other voice recordings on answering machine that state lawsuit being filed such circumstance exsist.

12, Mar. 2021

I have received numerous calls from this number when I try to call back I get the message call cannot be completed as dialed

25, Feb. 2021

Keeps calling. A man's voice with finally come on, stating he's Joe . but talks so quickly I can't get the last name. Then, goes on "ma'am, the reason I'm calling." Hello, I'm a man with a man's voice, so the robocall has already insulted me, insinuating I'm a woman. I hung up, called back, again, got a machine which instructed me to leave a message. I have repeatedly left messages for them to cease calling me. They call both my home and cell phone. Sick of it.

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