Area Code 316

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Area code: 316
State: Kansas
Country: USA
13, Dec. 2021

and I have told him not to call in person, but he ignored it and continued to call me.

12, Nov. 2021

The call was a recorded "free bahamas cruise" scam.

Ron Davis
27, Oct. 2021

DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAM! This number called me and identified themselves as "World Wide Web Orginization". They lamed that my computer was causing a problem and if it was not corrected they would shut off my access to the web In 15 minutes. When I started to ask specific questions about thier authority and about my web provider, they got rude and said " you need to listen to me!" I asked where they were calling from and was told London, then I asked to speak to a supervisor. I got his name and phone number( which is a non working number), and he tried to throw out technical terms that have nothing to do with my computer. I asked him, if he knows my computer is sending out bad information, what type of computer I have? He couldn't. I asked it was windows or Mac? He didn't know. Surprised? This number is a scam and you should hang up on them. They do not have the power to "turn off your internet" ever!oh, and that supervisor ? Told me he was in New York and couldn't explain why his employee was in London! DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAM !

3, Sep. 2021

Rachel wanted to lower my credit card rate.

25, Aug. 2021

This was a recorded call that I get daily. When I pressed 1 to speak with someone, they hung up when I started asking questions. I was unable to tell them not to call again. This was made to my cell phone number.

Telling on you haters non congratulaters
10, Jun. 2021

A hater is jealous of 316 880 6831 they all tried to throw him under the bus they got husbands and wives and hating the winner. So sad white women out to set him up there not trustable puppet devils being led to hell for eternity.

Mike PO'ed
28, May. 2021

Trying to get VISA info.

19, May. 2021

This is not a company we deal with for any of our credit cards.

20, Jan. 2021

This was a text message.

Sara Lopez
18, Jan. 2021

008004746836 had called me numerous times. Almost always a woman with accent Indian or oriental saying she is from OPENREACH about my complaint/problem with my internet connection. She wants me to be in front of my computer so that she can show me that my wifi connection is not working... I say " I don't mean to be rude but am going to clear down now so that I can block your number" she then hung up. Have had similar calls in the past but they seem to change their number.

Nurse Joy
11, Jan. 2021

hi yar ma saliha astum

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