Area Code 304

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Area code: 304
State: West Virginia
Country: USA
20, Aug. 2021

This girl text me we chatted exchanged pictures she sent pictures of a very beautiful girl. Quickly she told mr been she loved me, we had been chatting for days then she told me she needed money for tampons I sent her some the next day she needed more for pills to stop the blood flow in sent it . then she asked for money for gas so we could come see me and she would come right away I sent her the money. A couple days pass then she says she is coming on 830 I said that's no good you raid you coming right away I sent you the gas money she said she would come yesterday and she would be here a round noon . when she didn't show I text and text she would not answer. I threatened to report her and then I got a text with death threats and gruesome pictures saying he was going to execute my entire family. This terrorist needs to be stopped

6, Aug. 2021

My phone number should be current with Not sure what else I can do.

Adam S
29, Jul. 2021

They are really annoying me and even when I do answer, they do not speak to me.

24, Jul. 2021

Asking for people to leave confidential financial information in a voice mail message to receive a call back.

30, Jun. 2021

When you call back you get a recording to ask that your number be removed I have ask 5 + times my number to be removed but they still call back.

Business Owner
27, May. 2021

Called recently on 4-9-18. This phone # has called several times b4 & ALWAYS hung up. Since I don’t know this ph #, I’ve already blocked them.

14, May. 2021

I am very ill (three major surgeries within the past year and I need help against these people very bad and very soon.

4, May. 2021

It sounds like B of A however, a conversation with a supervisor at B of A revealed that the number is NOT a B of A number at all.

9, Apr. 2021

I wonder how to make them stop calling, their unsolicited calls are driving me crazy.

6, Apr. 2021

they keep harassing me and will not stop calling. When they call it has an option to press one to talk to a representative so today was the first day I decided to try and end this crap. After pressing 1 it just rang a bunch then disconnected me. PUNISH THESE PEOPLE. I hate getting called everyday by these low lives.

7, Feb. 2021

this person has also been known as Zac O'Lowry who wanted to buy my second hand pine furniture to ship it overseas/interstate - the cost to move it was worth more than the furniture !! What a con.

31, Jan. 2021

this is the 4th time this # has called in the past hour PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help stop this continuing!

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