Area Code 251

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Area code: 251
State: Alabama
Country: USA
28, Nov. 2021

There is never anyone at the other end when we answer!

11, Sep. 2021

This was a recording asking if I wanted to speak with them. This is the first call I have received from this number. These people MUST BE STOPPED. Please take action against this company; it is breaking the law.

30, Jul. 2021

An Indian sounding man said hackers were threatening my Windows license. said he was microsoft technical department. I asked for a number to check. He gave the 0808 no.. and wanted to call in 5mins. I said give me 24hrs. A 1471 enquiry gave his number as 001268776614. He wanted toget me on my PC asap to talk me thru ‘the solution. I refused and insisted he call tomorrow

16, Jun. 2021

This company keeps calling with different numbers and are codes.

20, May. 2021

And that at 7:37 in the morning.

18, May. 2021

I Never requested either the bracelet or discount card.

Manuel Torres
28, Apr. 2021

Asking if I wanted to travel.

14, Apr. 2021

This number has called at least twice/day for many days, yet there has been no one on the line until today. He gave me his name as Larry Davis, told me he's on Angie's list, has been in business locally for 25 years. I asked for his number and he said When I asked him to remove me from his list he got very rude, pushy, and faked as if he couldn't hear me. The number the call came in on was A few days ago I tried calling it back to see what it was, and finally spoke to a person. He told me someone has taken over his line somehow and is making calls from it. He is definitely NOT the person who called me today. Thank you for your help!

chocolate bar
6, Apr. 2021

This company is called Comantra and they are based in India. Please google very informative links below

9, Jan. 2021


Mort Trimble
30, Nov. 2020

This is the second time I have received this type of call in the past month or two.

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