Area Code 250

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Area code: 250
State: British Columbia
Country: Canada
19, Feb. 2021

refuses to dtop these calls.

19, Feb. 2021

From 000-000-0000 - 8:55 a.m. PLEASE HELP!

19, Feb. 2021

i got a sms saying his name was dan and to give him my pay pal account so he could by mycar for sale I feel like a idiot cause I gave him my pay pal account email but I refused to give him my address until he paid me the money but he hasn't wrote back cant believe people like this

17, Feb. 2021

Microsoft technical support" trying to have me log into their team viewer system to open my computer(s) up to potentially dangerous individuals. They are not able to answer my questions and keep hanging up when I ask to talk to their manager.

31, Jan. 2021

Pressing 2 doesn't seem to actually do anything though.

Super Rog
29, Jan. 2021

A recording stated that they were a market research firm in San Diego and a member of the BBB. Is it really them?

Bethany Larson
21, Jan. 2021

It’s iSelect and they call me EVERY DAY. I hear the “click” sound as they hang up once I answer. They want to be cheap arses so we pay for the phone call and call them back!!! I am NOT going to play dumb and call them back so they can sell me their products at my expense. They have lost my business.

18, Jan. 2021

Good day! I received a missed call from this number, i phoned back but no answer. Would kindly like you to phone me back on 0780819304. Thankyou.

17, Jan. 2021

I have added the number listed to my blocked call list.

Working Woman
16, Jan. 2021

They called again. This is the 2nd time they called.

10, Jan. 2021

It appears that no one is on the line when I answer. I guess they only check the number whether active or not.

5, Jan. 2021

Received this call probably 50 times and followed instructions to opt out or get off of list.

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