Area Code 239

Additional information:

Area code: 239
State: Florida
Country: USA
1, Sep. 2021

206-855-3055, 581-824-8489,381-219-3523,202-621-5429,516-926-1632, 714-463-6056, 202-241-2807, 805-219-6051, 111111111, 805-219-6069,630-318-4762, 502-267-7522, 614-335-6121... have called me numerous times during the day for 6 days straight. If they left a VM, there was no talking, if I answered the phone they would sit quietly and listen, when I called the #'s back, i got several foreign people who could barely speak English or it was an out of the country # my cell would not complete. After, 3 threatening called from me to my DA, it finanally stopped yesterday. Most of the calls were minutes apart from each other and at least 4-5 calls a day. When I pulled my cell phone bill, their #'s were not on it and I had no proof they called. Very frustrating!!!!

April Quarles
31, Aug. 2021

When answering this call a machine asked whether I wanted to leave a voicemail. When listening for the name of the caller, there was no response.

23, Aug. 2021

When pressing whatever # to talk to someone, I ask to be removed from their calling list - they hang up. Phone # is usually different so can't block them. I receive at least 6 calls a month. Please stop these calls! They start calling in the morning until late at night -7 days a week. Please, please stop these people!

23, Aug. 2021

Today 03/01/2014 they have already called approximately 5-6 times starting from 9 am in the morning.

30, Jun. 2021

The caller ID registered "toll free caller" I don't think this is the actual name of the company.

22, May. 2021

We are on the do not call list we don't answer junk calls.

5, May. 2021

This phone number is from the Florida area and I know it isn't my mortgage company because they wouldn't call and hang up.

29, Apr. 2021

When phone is answered there is no one on the other end - silence.

8, Apr. 2021

When I answered the phone, it was a recorded voice. They don't give me the option to be opted out. After the message, it is just disconnected.

20, Mar. 2021

Time of call was always in the evening. This was a recorded message. There message did not give me an option to get off their calling list.

Not stupid
6, Feb. 2021

This was a recorded message I received. I have never done business with this company.

3, Feb. 2021

They call constantly, after I have asked them to stop and put me on their "Do not call list." They continue to call, I don't answer them, and they still call. They never give the name of the company, or their name. If I call them back to ask them to stop, after they keep calling me, they just hang up on me.

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