Area Code 217

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Area code: 217
State: Illinois
Country: USA
Alberto Valdez
14, Dec. 2021

I have asked to be removed from the Call list, I have asked to speak with a manager, I have asked for their website.

Fold Art
10, Nov. 2021

They keep calling. They block caller ID too, so to deceive people who it is.

5, Oct. 2021

At that point I asked who they were and they refused to answer me, they would not give me a name.

21, Sep. 2021

This sounds like a scam. I continue getting a recorded call to press 1 to speak to a person. Please fine them immediately!!!!!!

Anonymous 2
3, Sep. 2021

Our business keeps getting called about 3 times a day, from different phone numbers, all with the same recorded message that there is an important message from "Google Maps." If you dial 1 to connect with a representative, they say they are calling about our google maps account expiring. It is a scam. Google does not charge for your business being on their map. The calls are disruptive to the business. I wish we could get them to stop.

30, Aug. 2021

I got a call from this number saying that I have been selected for free vacation and they asked me to send my total profile. Don't do it!

13, Aug. 2021

It is a recording, and on the few times in the distant past that I have began to listen, I quickly hung up realizing it was a robo-call.

10, Aug. 2021

When I attempted to call the # back on a desk phone, it asked for a lot of information that I was not willing to give so I hung up. It is suspicious that they wanted that info.

Irving Francis
2, Aug. 2021

This person used to be a salesperson who called on me.

13, May. 2021

This number has called me twice, and I don't know how they obtained my phone number. Today I warned them NOT TO CALL ME AGAIN. If they do, I shall be filing another complaint. I have warned them that I will do so. Thank you.

11, Apr. 2021

the recording offered a "free medical alert system".

9, Apr. 2021

I can imagine how many people have fell for this, especially the elderly.

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