Area Code 212

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Area code: 212
State: New York
Country: USA
30, Jul. 2021

I tried to call the number back and the line was always busy.

26, Jul. 2021

When we answer they either hang up OR when the answering machine picks up there is a very loud fog horn sound. I have no idea who they are. It has been happening for a few days now.

10, Jul. 2021

We have received these calls on many occasions. Today I listened through the entire recording to get to a live person. When I began to tell her that we are on the National Do Not Call Registry and we should not be receiving these calls, she hung up on me.

Sharon S
6, Jul. 2021

Not interested in receiving solicitations from the American Lung association I'm on the DO NOT CALL Registry!

30, Jun. 2021

This number has called me several times yesterday. I have tried answering and the individual cannot speak english and ultimately hangs up on me before I can ask them not to call again.

6, Jun. 2021

They call and leave me a message if I don't answer, that is very confusing. It frustrates me when we get calls that are not even for us. They call us every single day also. Ugh. I am just so tired of getting called when we are not the people they are trying to reach. Thanks for all of your time and effort in putting a stop to these harassing phone calls.

29, Mar. 2021

they keep calling and won't stop

28, Mar. 2021

This is a continuous harassment of us from Capitol One.

Anonymous #2
28, Mar. 2021

I have recieved more than one call from this phone #, did not pick it up, but want them to stop

27, Mar. 2021

Two of these calls came in simultaneously on two different cell phones.

27, Mar. 2021

I asked this company representative to remove my name and phone number from their call list. The man said many different charities use Telefund and I would have to leave a message on their recorder to get my phone number off all their phone lists. I have repeatedly called the phone number he provided me with, but to no avail since the "mail box" is ALWAYS full. Phone number he provided me with was (the same number he was calling me from). Very frustrating.

24, Feb. 2021

Some kind of debt reduction scam company. Asked them to remove our number. Still calling.

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