Area Code 205

Additional information:

Area code: 205
State: Alabama
Country: USA
james anderson
15, Dec. 2021

I have received several calls like this at all times of the day.

13, Nov. 2021

She said she did not know the address of the company.

John Appleby
29, Oct. 2021

the caller said my name and wanted my birth date and other information. He was very persistent. I felt he may be associated with identity theft I hung up. He was not like regualr telemarketers.

26, Oct. 2021

Asking for ic no to check

25, Oct. 2021

I have a car for sale on gum tree and got a text from Michael asking me to email him on his personal email address Googled the number before i replied... Seems like same as above -- SCAM

21, Oct. 2021

Can anything be done?

13, Oct. 2021

The person called and said he was an officer with the Tax and Crime Investigation department located in Washington DC. He said I had an arrest warrant from my local police department and he asked for the phone number of the local police department. I asked for his name, department, address and boss's contact info. The person got upset and asked if I was at home or at work. I asked again what his department was and he said that someone would track my phone and locate me within 45 mins. I asked for his name again and he threatened that I was in big trouble and I am making this worse by not calling my local police department. I asked what this was about, he said call your local police department. I asked for his name again and he threatened to come pick me up. I asked what this is about and he hung up. I called the number back about a dozen times and someone else answered saying he was Officer Robert Jackson with the IRS and asked who I was. I asked for his name and he hung up.

31, Aug. 2021

They are a fraud. I asked them how they got my number and the lady hung up on me! Please file charges against the person who'm this number is registered to.

21, Aug. 2021

This is the second unsolicited call from a company. The first call was to my cell phone.

12, Aug. 2021

The only company that can reduce my interest rate is my card holder not this company.

8, Aug. 2021

I get at least 2-4 per day!

20, Jul. 2021

they called back and spoke to my wife berating her that she wanted our computer to crash.

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