Area Code 201

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Area code: 201
State: New Jersey
Country: USA
16, Apr. 2021

This place calls constantly starting at about 0800 and ending at 2200 Dailey I have asked that they stop , I have threateden to report them and yet they continue most often therer is no one on the line ad when I do get a person I inform them to stop yet the alls continue, It is an attempted to sell me insurance and I did not request this information nor do I want it from them now, These calls are disruptive and a real other as frequently I run to answer only to find it is a robot or a dead line that goes pop and hangs up I then call them back but am directed to a place to enter my number which I have done every day sometimes more than once daily.

5, Apr. 2021

this company called 4 times in 24 hours

14, Mar. 2021

The call asked to speak with the person who did accounts receivable. But no one here as that person... phoning the wrong number...

this ph #
14, Mar. 2021

Iit identifies the message as from Verizon.

8, Mar. 2021

They told me to call local authorities if someone is harassing me.

18, Feb. 2021

I too sent them $28.95 6 months ago, and heard nothing since then They should be in jail.

9, Feb. 2021

When we pick up the phone, no one on the other end answers.

8, Feb. 2021

Caller using numbers that are not able to be blocked.

6, Feb. 2021

Consumer states they calls where from various types of company.

29, Jan. 2021

I get calls from this company several times a week.

Phone Spam
20, Dec. 2020

These people keep calling. They call constantly and won't stop even though we ask them repeatedly to stop calling.

1, Dec. 2020

These are robocalls from a company. Calls are frequent, almost daily despite trying to get removed their list. When I scam them back and say I. interested in their services, and when I ask where they are located, the rep. hangs up immediately. Please help with these constant annoying calls.

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